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About Us

Difratelli has in the heritage of its Italian ancestors the virtue of work, quality and credibility that transcends 3 decades. With the perfect harmony between technology and artisanal techniques, the production of its furniture has personalization as inspiration for the spaces.

Attentive to the movement of world design, Difratelli offers cutting edge products enabling its own sophistication. The constant capacity for innovation, customization, investment in new technologies, has led Difratelli to earn the respect and trust of its customers in Brazil and abroad. The excellence with which we work adapts to each client's own style, offering the widest range of finishes and standards in the national furniture market.

The refinement of its finish is a reflection of the concern to offer quality products and to generate the full satisfaction of its consumers. Difratelli continues with the same dream that the brothers Laurindo and Ulisses had 31 years ago.


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